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What follows are questions a concerned and growing group of Coronado, Imperial Beach, and Point Loma citizens request answers from our representatives - Coronado Mayor Richard Bailey and Representative Scott Peters. Perhaps Mayor Bailey and Rep. Peters can seek initial responses from the Commanding Officer of NASNI, Captain Scott Mulvehill, and carry on from there. We hope our growing frustration with the lack of sincere interest from the Navy leadership for the community concerns voiced at the Coronado Naval Complexes Coordinating Group Meetings and through the Navy Complaint ‘hotline’ might be ameliorated if the leadership is directly addressed by our representatives. It has always been our desire to foster a neighborly relationship between the US Navy and the communities of Coronado, Imperial Beach, and Point Loma. With the apparent increase in aviation accidents, combined with the growing noise and environmental pollution caused by the increase in Naval aviation dangerously close to our residential, commercial, and beach-going visitors, it’s critical that our concerns be addressed. We look to our representatives for serious solutions to these serious safety issues.

Captain Scott Mulvehill

Vice Adm. DeWolfe Miller

Mayor Richard Bailey

Representative Scott Peters

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